Every club has is own logo, and that is the most important recognition of your club! And from that logo, we can make a beautiful jewel!
The perfect gift for your members or for the participants of a competition or organisation.


The price
The cost is defined in 3 parts:

- design

This cost is the transformation of your logo to a beautiful and unique jewel. The price depents on the jewel.
The average price for this part is 100 euro.

- template

This cost is to make a template. From this template, it is possible to create multiple jewels in a very cost efficient way.
This cost is 50 euro.

- Jewels

This cost is for the jewels itself.
How bigger the amount of the order, how smaller the price per piece.


Are you interested?
Contact us: tanja@goudsmid-katzmann.be
And we deliver a price offer for your amount of jewels.